This is the 3rd episode in the series.


Spidey narrates to the audence complaning that even though he defeted the green goblin and doc ock people are still not aware of who he is, and to top it off the Shocker is still on the lose. Later Peter visits aunt may, aware that she is behind on her bills. Peter tries to give her some of his paycheck, but aunt may declines. Despite this, peter leaves the money at her house. Later, peter goes to see harry at normans presentation, Norman has made gloves that produce shock waves and is preasnting them. But in the middle of the presentation, Shocker and Rob break in, harry looks for peter for help but has dissaperd. Everyone runs off, and spidey arives. Shocker distracts spidey with shock waves and escapes. Peter later gets an angry call from harry for running, as peter tries to reason that everyone was runnig but harry hangs up. Spider-Man starts looking for shocker but dosent have go too far before he finds him. Spiderman ultimately defeats him by webing his gloves backfiring the shockwaves.

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