This is the wiki for Grant Watsons (SM3VENOM) LEGO Spider-Man the Series.

Grant Watson (SM3Venom)Edit

LEGO Spider-Man the Series was created by Grant Watson. Grant wanted to comment on a YouTube, but to do that he needed a account, so he named it after the movie Spider-Man 3 (SM3Venom), grant had latter gotten a new camera, so he decided to make a LEGO Spider-Man film, but when Grant tried to upload it to YouTube, it wouldn't take because of the Non-Stop Motion camera, then he watched a video on How to Make Stop Motion, so he made another one (which he commented was horrible) LEGO Spider-Man Rhinos Rampage, then he got a great an idea for a series.

LEGO Spider-Man the Series EP0 Edit

After writing the trailer and reccording it, he uploaded it on youtube, Grant says it wasen't to bad and that it attracted some fans, mostly his friends. Then finally came The Long Waited LEGO Spider-Man the Series EP-0, witch is about The Shocker, who has token people hostage, and Spider-Man confronts him and his alliey Rob. Thus more positive comments came in, then he had made LEGO Spider-Man the Series EP-1, then he recived more positive comments, suscribers, and invites. Then Grant Decided to kick it off with a movie, witch furtherd, his fan base.

LEGO Spider-Man the Series The Movie: Spiders and GoblinsEdit

Peter is on his way to meet Harrys dad, Norman Osborn, Norman barley stays to chat when he abandons them for work. Norman state to himself that Oscorp is being judge as old news because the lack of them in the news, so he cancels his meetings so he can do somthing about this. Spiderman is swiging around when he spots to thugs on the roof, and begins to interragate on of them. Meanwhile, Osborn is teasting himself in a super soilder machine, he changes his mind but the scientist, thirsty for money, keeps the machine going. When the Experement is over, osborn kills the scientist and decides to take spiderman out. Back at ESU, in class, it is reaveild that the thugs were working for someone in oscorp, peter then assuems it might be osborn but says it outload and is talked to by proffesser conners. Conners says he will be possible leaving the ESU, witch upsets peter. Spider-man is on his way home when he attacked by the green goblin. Spider-man breaks the goblins glider and sends him running, while spider-man fears his return. When peter gets home he calls harry to tell him about the thugs, in anger harry says he has to go. Meanwhile osborn decides to improve his glider. Peters looks at his coustem and states " I've only had you for two weeks, and already i don't want to see you again." Harry knocks at the door to ask what peter was talking about on the phone, peter says he just misunderstude something , then harry asks peter if he wanted to see norman again when they go out, peter declinds saying he's busy. Harry tells norman about what peter said, then osborn asks harry to leave. Norman puts two and two together that parker is spider-man. Peter then sees on the news that the Green Goblin is terrirozing new york. Spider-Man and the goblin fight it out and the goblin crashes into the wall. Goblin says his last words before fanting " He beat me....", spidey takes off the goblins mask to figure out he's norman osborn. Norman wakes up without memory of the experiement or anything that happend after that. Spider-Man says that he was beatin up by thugs before he scared them off, norman thanks spiderman as he swings off. Spider-man then fears the goblins return.

Season 1 Who is SpidermanEdit

The rest of the episodes take place after Spiders and Goblins, and introduce Mary Jane.

Episode 0

Episode 1- Pilot

Spiders and Goblins

Episode 2 - Tentacles of Terror

Episode 3 - Shockers return

Episode 4 - Master of illusion

Episode 5 and 6- Tail of Poisone

Episode 7 - Return of the Green Goblin

Episode 8 - The Octopus Agenda

Episode 9 - Attack of the Spider Slayer

Episode 10 - The Ultimate Slayer

Season 2 Public MeanaceEdit

This introuduced a buch of characters to the series, including The Symbiote/ Venom.

Episode 11 - Mutation

Episode 12 and 13- Peter Parker, No More

Episode 14- The Darkness

Episode 15- Great Power

Episode 16- Concrete jungle

Episode 17, 18, 19 - Mr. Sandman

Episode 20 - Torment

Episode 21 - Redemption and damnation

Cancellation and ReturnEdit

Grant said in a video that he was giving up the series, but since so many chanted for it to return, Grant said instead of 2 more seasons he was going to have a big finale. But when views had gone to see if LEGO Spider-Man the Series The End had been uploaded, but instead they saw that the page and account, were deleted. And the episodes were lost. A long while later a channel named TheRealGrantWatson was shown to see that Grant was back and uploaded what he had left of the series. Grant stated that some people got a hold of his site and he had to delete it, Grant stated that he was making a new LEGO Spider-Man the Series. People forgave grant and looked forward the new series.

LEGO Spider-Man the Series No More... or is it?Edit

People came back to see that he deleted his account again, and some people just lost hope on grant. There is no word on him this moment.

LEGO Spider-Man the Series RE-UPLOADEDEdit

On Aug 31, 2011 TheMatrixLogOut re-uploaded the entire series (which thankfully was saved on his computer), Season 1-2 are on his channel if you wish to see the series.

LEGO Spider-Man the Series: The End script by Grant WatsonEdit

On the Lego Spider-Man the Series site, it shows the un-aired script witch was supposed to end the series.

Latest activityEdit

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